RUINING CHRISTMAS #1: A cheeky comic caper!

Created by Sebastian A. Jones

The spirit of giving is taking it! Christmas is in the toilet! It’s up to the Elves to fix it!

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Getting Close! Surveys!
17 days ago – Thu, Apr 01, 2021 at 03:37:30 AM

Hey Guys!

81% of folks have filled out there surveys! So let's try and get everyone to make that happen please so when we ship (looking like next month!) we can do in one fell swoop. We are super excited to get this book in your hands, we are getting real close! Okay, enough teasing, here is another page to keep you frosty.

Love Seb 

Nige and Santa!

STRANGERCON: To everyone that came by our StrangerCon a couple of Saturdays ago it was a HUGE success and we are so very thankful. If you missed it, there is just a day or so left where we are keeping deals open in the Stranger Reserve. Like Asunda bundles at 50% off! So hop on over and get immersed in Niobe's world.

Niobe's World of Asunda

We even have the new ERATHUNE Donkey Kong variant by Matt Waite to go with your Mario Kart!

Only in the Stranger Reserve!


Here is this post's crew of creators I couldn't be more happier to support.

JEMBER: Becoming Somebody HARDCOVER (African Graphic Novel)

112-pg action/adventure story about finding your self-worth & letting go of what others think of you (with foreword by Maaza Mengiste!)

Jember! Trust me, this story is awesome!

Moana Nui Podcast: Season 2

Two women on a mission to celebrate and honor the history, culture, & perspectives of POC, indigenous, and African Diasporan peoples.

Moana ROCKS!

The Fox Chronicles #1 / A Sci-Fi Action Adventure

A coming-of-age futurist adventure. Full of action, suspense, and intrigue.

Tony Cade's Fox Chronicles is badass!

Ruining Christmas Sneak Peek + our online con!
about 1 month ago – Wed, Mar 17, 2021 at 01:25:28 PM

Hey Stranger family!

A short note as we are getting very close to finish line with our Ruining Christmas comic caper! We're incredibly excited to get these off to the printer. Here's a sneak peek of some colored pages.

Sneak peek of Chez Kuznetskova!
Sneak peek of... THUMBWAR


Also, it's an opportunity to let you guys know each week, on @strangercomics Instagram live, Thursdays at 6pm PST / 9pm EST we are sharing stories, tips, and Stranger Comics deals. This week will be no different! We will even be giving away one beautiful LARP sword to one lucky viewer. And that’s not all!


This Saturday at 10am PST to 8pm EST we will be going YouTube Live with all sorts of guests, panels, poetry competitions, rare comics, and more. All our comics and books will be on discount, plus we will have rare auctions, and best of all – EACH ATTENDEE gets this NIOBE: She is Death #1 Convention Exclusive PLUS extra random variant for FREEEEEE! 

So click the link and smash the sub, reminder, and like button!!!

See you Saturday!

See you guys soon. Stop by, say hi, and keep me company 😊


This is also an opportunity for me to share a good friend’s project! You know the legend that is Russell Nohelty! He is the mastermind behind Ichabod Jones and Cthulhu is Hard to Spell. Both characters make their way into RUINING CHRISTMAS in a spectacular way with 8 pages of story mashup epicness! So go check out his kickstarter that is rocking now!

Ichabod Jones Volume 1-3: A Lovecraftian dark-fantasy comic

A Lovecraftian dark fantasy horror-comedy inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands and Cthulhu mythos but set in a Christian Apocalypse.

Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter



2 months ago – Thu, Feb 11, 2021 at 09:38:19 AM

Hello Strangers!

How is everyone doing out there in this wild and wacky world? It seems like 2020 never left! Please be safe, these past few weeks for me have had unexpected sad news on more than one occasion, but I wanted to check in with you guys.

Here is an updated page colored by Jenn Polk who is helping Eli on colors so they are popping! 

Frosty coooool!

Finished pages are pretttty!

All of the RUINING CHRISTMAS surveys have gone out and we’re a good pace for shipping out next month as noted in the REWARDS :) So this is just a short note to say, if you haven’t got your Backerkit Survey please keep a lookout!

Oh, and if you are new to Stranger Comics and wanted to check out our other titles, please hop on over to our store. A few cool things:

1) Our online store at Stranger Comics is UPDATED! If you go to the online store and subscribe you get PDFS of THE UNTAMED #1 PLUS NIOBE: She is Life #1 FOR FREE! LINK IS HERE!

NIOBE: She is Life #1

2) If you buy anything you can get PDFS of NIOBE: She is Death #1 PLUS DUSU #1 FOR FREE.

NIOBE: She is Death #1

3) Everything on our website is 20% OFF all month. Just use DISCOUNT CODE: BHM.

4) Stop by our @strangercomics Instagram Live every Thursday. Like this week FEB 11 at 6pm PST / 9pm EST. This week’s topic, Love and War.

Sending you all my love and please feel free if you have any questions!

All the best!


Pop by our Instagram and say hi!

3 months ago – Wed, Jan 20, 2021 at 08:24:20 PM

Hey All!

It has been a month since my last update, just been dealing with some personal stuff related to COVID. Thanks for your feels like last year. Which it was. I digress - as usual :)

Happy New Year!

I wanted to let you all know that we are on target for our March release, we're just finishing cobbling together all of the bits and bobs for this kickstarter which I am super duper excited about! We are waiting on backerkit to give us the nod that all is in order for our surveys to go out, which should be approved any day now! In the meantime the PreOrder store is also up in case you wanted to add any extra comic, shirt or condom ;) Or the Darrell May Cover -  Sgt. Joey ADD ON for $15!


Sgt. Joey by Darrell May. Colors by Eli Hix

In other news, each Thursday I have been rocking some really fun LIVE INSTAGRAM sessions each Thursday at 6PM / 9PM EST on @strangercomics IG. So come and hang out, as I often give a heads up on our latest rare comics, originals, and more. 

Big bearded fellow

To that note, we just unveiled our rare The Untamed and Tales of Asunda FOILS from our last kickstarter for Niobe, which are getting shipped out. The rest are up on OUR WEBSITE HERE IN THE SECTION: THE STRANGER RESERVE. PASSWORD: ARUKAS.

There are even 50 ERROR VARIANTS which are flying! (The printer printed the wrong cover on each book, so The Untamed has a Tales of Asunda interior and vice versa... only 50!)


If you are new to the Niobe or the world of Asunda, you can subscribe and get a free read of THE UNTAMED just by visiting the website and signing up to stay in touch! There are a lot of things planned for 2021, so please stop by :)

So that's it, until the surveys are sent! Please feel free to reach out with any questions, and please stay safe!

Much love all!


Don't miss out on the new Niobe/Red Rogue Addons! Collector specials + Pals!
4 months ago – Sat, Dec 19, 2020 at 03:44:34 PM

Happy Holidays guys! Thanks so much for the love and support!!

We only have a few days left on the Ruining Christmas kickstarter! We end on Christmas Day, so here’s your last chance to hop on the sleighride!

WHATS’S NEW: We just unveiled our NIOBE and RED ROGUE mashup variant cover for the nice price of $15! Look for the ADDON titled RUINING CHRISTMAS #1 NIOBE Crossover. So, fans of Niobe can get this super limited cover. For folks that don't know, Niobe is in development at HBO with the rest of her world of Asunda :) 

RUINING CHRISTMAS #1 Niobe Crossover only in ADDONS ($15)

And Darrell May, layout and concept artist for all Asunda titles, also has Virgin Variant finally available TITLED: RUINING CHRISTMAS #1 Sgt. Joey Variant! It is being colored right now – will reveal very soon!

There are other sneaky Niobe ADDONS like the FF#52 homage for Erathune #4 which be purchased on discount as a set for $125 under ERATHUNE #4 FF4 #52 Homage Set or individually for $65. There were 150 copies printed of each and we don't have many left!! These are very rare and sought after issues - SPOT THE DIFFERENCE!

ADDON titled: Erathune #4 FF4 #52 Homage - Essessa
ADDON TITLED: Erathune #4 FF4 #52 Homage - Morka Moa

PLUS the Erathune #1 Phx Comiccon exclusives numbered to 99!!!

ADDON Titled: Erathune #1 Phoenix Comic Con Variant for $30

There’s a few Dusu sketch variants left. 

Lastly we have decided to offer ANGEL ELF as a lithograph for a $15 ADDON. (Remember they are also available as a virgin cover limited to just 50 copies)!!!



There are two pals I would love to spotlight. Dear friends who pour everything they have into their comics. So much so, that I offered a PDF of NIOBE: She is Death #1 as part of their campaign!

This is by the brilliant LaShawn Colvin!

Beautiful Soldiers Graphic Novel

Beautiful Soldiers the story of four young teenage girls trained as soldiers by their Head Mistress to protect the earth!

So Awesome!!!

This is my the incredible Tyler Martin!

Tyler Martin's The Antagonists : Issues 1-3

Married supervillains Destructus and Ultima struggle to protect their family and keep their past a secret decades after retirement.

Look at this art!!!

Please be safe and much love. Wishing you the best 2021 and those to come!

Much love, Seb